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“How to” Books and Video Tapes

“The reed Organ” This 22 page booklet is full of useful information on the proper care of most reed organs. It describes simple remedies for several common problems of reed organs. The book explains the stops and their use. Originally published in 1910, the information is still useful to anyone that owns a reed organ. #B-23.

“Restoring and Collecting Antique Reed Organs” by Horton Presly is again available. This is the best “how to” book that we have ever seen. The book makes it easy for an amateur to completely restore their reed organ. The book is clearly written and you will have little trouble following the instructions. This book covers all areas of reed organ restoration in detail, which makes the job much easier. With 316 pages the book has several chapters on stop action repair, bellows recovering, reed work and trouble- shooting. Softcover #B-84
(Temporarily Out of Print, We suggest trying's used book section.)

“Instructions on Care and Use of Reed Organs” by the Cornish Organ Company. A four page booklet that explains the different sounds of the stops and their usage. Softcover #C-1

Reprint of the “Cornish Reed Organ Warranty” A nice compliment to the restoration of your Cornish reed organ. #C-2

“Care and Adjustment of Estey Reed Organs” 16 pages of information on how to adjust and maintain these instruments. Softcover #B-99

Helpful Hint: Outline all felts with a pencil mark before you remove them. This will assure the proper placement of the new felts.

VT-1 This 2 hour video will show you how to disassemble and clean your reed organ. It demonstrates several simple repairs and how to reattach the pedal straps. While guiding you through the proper order of the disassembly, it shows you how to mark the position and label each part. A must, for the first reed organ repairer.

VT-2 This one and a half hour video starts out helping you identify possible air supply problems. This video illustrates several places to check for air leaks and their simple repairs. It will guide you through the removal of the windchest and bellows. Next it demonstrates the measuring, cutting and gluing of the bellows cloth. This video has many of the short cuts and helpful hints that we have learned over the last 20 years. This is an excellent visual compliment to the B-84 book.

“Gellerman’s International Reed Organ Atlas” by Robert F. Gellerman. This book alphabetically lists most reed organ manufacturers. Serial numbers and dates have been added when available. With this book you can determine the age of several instruments and place of manufacture. Softcover #A-314
(Temporarily Out of Print, We suggest trying's used book section.)

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