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New Stop Faces

These faces are bright white, 7/8 in . in diameter and printed in “Old English”. They can be applied with glue or clear silicone. We recommend that if you decide to use these new faces, the complete set be replaced. The new faces do not match the old faces in either size or color. When ordering, please specify the name of your reed organ and the number of stops. Please list the names of the stops, in order, from left to right. We can then confirm the proper arrangement of your stops for re-labeling.

Original Stop Faces

We have several original stop knob faces. The price range of these faces is from $10 to $50 per face, depending on the condition, color, and name on the face. Please call for availability and prices. When calling have the name of your reed organ, the number of stops, and the names in order of the stop faces remaining.

Key Covers (White)

Our supply of original key covers is limited to the number we can remove from other reed organs. Over time the color of these key covers has changed to several different shades. Each cover must be individually matched to your old one. Please send the old key cover to be replaced (broken, cigarette burned or stained).

Key Covers (Black)

As with the white key covers these covers come in several different sizes, shapes, and lengths. Please send one of your old ones to be replaced.

Stop Knobs

Straight Front and Beveled Front. Black enameled, new and original. Call for availability.

Stop Rods

7 ½ in. long by 9/16 in. in diameter. These rods are sent to you already painted black. The shoulder and shaft are cut to accept the stop knob.

Windchest Rebuild Kits

These kits contain Key Felt, and Rear Key Bed Felts, Name Board Felt, Key Guide Pin Felt, Pallet Valve Guide Pin Felt, 37 Coupler Pads, 2 Volume Door Felts, 2 Reed Bed Felts, Vox Humana Brake Felt, and Valve Leather. These felts are sent to you in strips.

61 Note Part # 200 73 Note Part # 201

Decals (Stop Board)

We have several styles of golden reproduction stop board decals. In most cases they are exact replacements of the original manufacturer’s. These rub-on decals are easily applied. This is a must for complete restoration of your reed organ. Call and we will send you a copy of the decals on your reed organ, so that you can match the letter style and size.

Plastic Parts Bags

These plastic bags are resealable. They are made out of thicker plastic than the regular sandwich bags. The bags have a 2 inch wide writing area. This allows you enough space to number, name and list the parts inside. Part # 1001