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Rebuilding Assistance Package

This service is ideal for the first-timer in the lost art of reed organ restoration experience. We take you back to a time when no one had heard of a mega bite and you could repair most anything with a hammer, a nail, a piece of leather and some glue.

The package includes the “How to Disassemble and Clean a Reed Organ” and “How to Recover the Bellows and Reassemble a Reed Organ” videos.

It also includes four planned telephone sessions covering the following topics: evaluating the condition and the repair alternatives to your reed organ; the installation of the replacement parts; a customized trouble shooting session; and a call to cover the final evaluation and suggested adjustments to your completed reed organ. These can be planned for evenings and Saturday afternoons to meet your schedule. If you plan to use this service, please call ahead. These sessions get booked early. This package includes a 10% discount on all parts ordered.

Telephone Technical Assistance

We offer technical help via our telephone help line. This service is offered during normal business hours and is billed to your Mastercard or Visa card at the rate of $2 per min. $20. max charge per call. (336) 320-2212

Premier Restoration Services

You can bring us your reed organ and we will return to you a completely restored instrument, a prized possession in any Victorian home. This can include refinishing the cabinet, rebuilding the windchest, recovering the bellows and detailing the stop board.

Or you may wish to remove the windchest and bellows. Send us the parts that you want us to repair and then do some of the repairs yourself. This service helps the people that do not want to do all the work themselves but still wish to take part in the restoration experience. These individuals gain a great deal of knowledge in reed organ repair and pride in doing some of the work themselves.

We offer a selection of restored and unrestored reed organs. These reed organs are for those individuals looking for their own heirloom or special reed organ experience. This inventory is constantly changing. When you contact us about these reed organs, we will take a photo or a video of the reed organs you might be interested in. Then send you a copy.

Because of our operation of salvaging parts from other reed organs we have several empty reed organ cases. These can make ornate writing desks or unique Victorian computer centers. Contact us about reed organ cabinets or tops.

Special Reproduced Parts

We can reproduce several parts of your reed organ such as: the Foundation Board, Pedal Trim, Lamp Holders, Knee Levers and complete sets of Bellows. All of these parts are made on a time and materials basis only.

We are one of the premier reed organ restoration sources in the U.S. We offer a full line of restoration services, parts, technical assistance and restored reed organs.

Thank you for your inquiry. We are looking forward to helping you in your reed organ experience.